Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baekban (home-style) meal in Seoul

Korean cuisine is known for their generous portion of side dishes called "banchan" that accompanies every meal.  "Baekban" which literally means a hundred side dishes in Korean refers to a full meal featuring at least ten different side dishes with unlimited refill.  Baekban is a traditional home-style meal with various side dishes.  The best part about Baekban is that it usually costs around 10,000 won for a hearty meal!

Seoul offers great deals for Baekban meals that are easy on your wallet.  Sinil (신일) located in Jongno-gu has a full course meal for 12,000 won per person.  You can also order Bulgogi or Gejang for a little extra.
Sinil (신일) 

Cheongdamgol (청담골) located in Gangnam offers a Baekban meal for 8,000 won.  What a steal!
Cheongdamgol (청담골) 

Mongnyeon Sikdang (목련식당) has a meal for just 7,000 won per person.  You can also get Nurungi Baekban meal for the same price!
Mongnyeon Sikdang (목련식당) 

Eomeoniwa Godeungeo (어머니와 고등어) located in Mapo-gu has a Mackerel Baekban for just 9,000 won!
Eomeoniwa Godeungeo (어머니와 고등어)

It's great that Seoul offers a home cooked meal for such a low cost.  When you are feeling home-sick and missing mom's home cooked meals, I highly recommend the restaurants above.  They are famous for offering delicious and authentic Korean food in the busy city of Seoul!

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