Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Video contest "Seoul, our Movie"

Love the city of Seoul?  Have a chance to collaborate with internationally renowned directors Park Chan-Wook and Park Chan-Kyong for the film, "Seoul, our Movie" by submitting videos related to Seoul.  The themes of the movie will consist of 'Working in Seoul', 'Made in Seoul' and 'Seoul" and will be centered on depicting the overall impressions of Seoul through the eyes of the contributors.  Become part of revealing the unknown reality of life in Seoul by participating!

How to Submit
1) Subscribe to 'SeoulOurMovie' channel on Youtube here.
2) Select one of the movie themes and film your video. (Must be under 5 minutes)
3) Publish your production on Youtube as a video response to "Seoul, our Movie."  

Winners will be selected by numbers of views and 'likes' so promote your video response to all of your friends!

Submission ends November 9, 2013 so hurry up and become part of "Seoul, our Movie."

You can find more information on Seoul Tourism at Visit Seoul Official Facebook and Twitter!
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